The Print Shop 21 Deluxe

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The Print Shop 21 Deluxe

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:17 am

The Print Shop 21 Deluxe
- Enhanced photo quality printing and new borderless print features mean your projects will have the refined look you want!
- Everything you need to create premium print and photo projects
- 17,500+ Project Templates including all new Ipod Tattoos!
- 320,000+ images & graphics PLUS!

- Packed with new features and tools, you have everything you need for satisfy your creative side.
Included in this download
The Print Shop 21 Deluxe Art CD 1
The Print Shop 21 Deluxe Art CD 2
The Print Shop 21 Deluxe Install CD
The Print Shop 21 Deluxe Program CD

CD Names :
Disc 1 - Install Disc Label = PSDLX21P
Disc 2 - Program Disc Label = PSDLX21PROG
Disc 3 - Art Disc 1 Label = ARTDISC1
Disc 4 - Art Disc 2 Label = ARTDISC2

Links The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part02.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part03.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part04.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part05.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part06.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part07.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part08.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part09.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part10.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part11.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part12.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part13.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part14.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part15.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part16.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part17.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part18.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part19.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part20.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part21.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part22.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part23.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part24.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part25.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part26.rar The_Print_Shop_21_Deluxe.part27.rar


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