RAR Password Cracker v4.12

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RAR Password Cracker v4.12

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 2:32 pm

RAR Password Cracker v4.12 ---------------

1. Overview
This program is intended to recover lost passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives
of versions 2.xx and 3.xx. The program finds by the method of exhaustive
search all possible combinations of characters ("bruteforce" method), or
using passwords from lists ("wordlist" or "dictionary" method).
Self-extracting archives and multivolume archives are supported. The program
is able to save a current state (you can interrupt the program at any time,
and restart from the same state later). Estimated time calculator allows you
to configure the program more carefully.

2. System requirements
RAR Password Cracker requires Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP. There are no
special requirements for memory capacity, but the processor performance
should be as high as possible. Special hardware is not required.

3. Install/Uninstall
Unzip the downloaded file called rpc412.zip into a temporary folder and
run the rpc412_setup.exe file. The installer will let you choose where to
install the program and create a program group in the Window's Start Menu.

Unstalling of RAR Password Cracker may be carried out either by choosing
"Add/Delete Program" in Control Panel or by choosing "Uninstall" from the
program group.

4. Notes on use
1) When adding files into a project, choose the most preferable file marked
by the program. The only exclusion from this rule is files which have a known
fragment (for Stored files only).
2) It is not necessary to add several files from the same archive if you
are sure they have the same password.
3) More than one files in a project don't slow a cracking process.
4) Dictionary files. Here you can find some of them:
HTML Code:
For more dictionaries use search engines, ask peoples in newsgroups,
webforums, etc.
5) Period of autosaving - 2 min.
6) Don't worry about system resources - the program uses only free
processor time and doesn't slow other applications.

5. How to register
RAR Password Cracker 4.xx is shareware. You may use and evaluate it free
of charge and without time limit. However, if you wish to use the software
without limitations of free evaluation version, you must purchase the license.
There are two different licenses: fully functional version and low-cost
time-limited fully functional version. Both licenses grant you rights to use
fully functional version of RAR Password Cracker on up to 3 computers at a
time. If more computers are involved into password recovery process, you must
purchase more than one licenses. For prices and additional information please
visit HTML Code:
If you can't pay but need to recover RAR 2.00-2.80 password, do use
RAR Password Cracker 3.13. It is a freeware but requires some computer
knowledge and experience. Don't try to use cracks, serials and so on at all.
The integrity validation routines are built into the password recovery
routines, so any crack's code or unauthorized serial may cause the password
recovery system to work incorrectly. You even will never know whether it has
occurred or not!
The registered version allows you to:
- crack more than 2 RAR files at once.
- use more than 2 dictionary files at once.
- find passwords which have a dynamic part longer than 3 characters in
Also registered users receive free technical support!


Version 4.01
Added: 8% performance up.
Fixed: Small fixes and improvements.

Version 4.10
Added: RAR 2.90/3.xx support.
Fixed: Many fixes and improvements.

Version 4.11
Fixed: Memory management to avoid "Not enough memory" error.
Fixed: RAR 2.00-2.80 performance degradation.
Added: "First uppercase, rest lowercase [Password]" modification.

Version 4.12
Fixed: Permanent crashes on some types of files.


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