WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp v10.45

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WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp v10.45

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:20 am


Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily usage and Internet surfing builds up over time. This hogs valuable drive space, slows down your system and exposes your privacy, by leaving a trail of your Web-browsing habits for anyone to see...

WinCleaner is the Trusted Solution with almost a decade of research behind it and millions of PCs safely cleaned worldwide.

What are the benefits of cleaning your PC?
- Protects your web surfing habits and speeds up your browsing experience.
- Helps your PC perform tasks faster.
- Helps your PC start and get to the desktop faster.
- Shreds all clutter as it cleans to safe guard your privacy and help protect from Identity Theft.
- Helps free up wasted hard disk space and speeds up your hard disk.

Overall keeps your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free.

Size: 5 MB



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